On July 24, 1995, I was a 21-year-old college student, living in an apartment with a bunny. I had no plans for anyone else to join my little family,
after having my heart broken by my first cat, a beautiful stray who succumbed to feline leukemia just eight months after I adopted him. And then I started
getting the calls.
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Serenity With Cats

Deep night could be a very lonely place for someone with insomnia. Not so much as a cricket chirping, and stillness so complete it’s almost tangible. Hours stretch and lengthen, making dawn seem a question, not a certainty. For me, . no light at all, no scents to give life to the air I breathe. But then . . . Continue reading “Serenity With Cats”

The Book That Started It All

Ask any book lover, and they will tell you about a perfect intersection in time, when an author’s words meet a reader’s imagination. A book is transformed, from words on a page, to complete worlds! This moment is individual to each person, and it is pure unadulterated magic!
My love affair with the written word began long before 1981, but it was in the honeysuckled nights of April, in the year that I was seven, when I met Tabitha, Sarah, and all the cats. Continue reading “The Book That Started It All”